Finaly Microsoft is cleaning up the Windows copy/paste dialog

The new Copy/paste UI. (Photo Microsoft)


After years of tormenting us with it’s inaccurate “time remainig” and overall information lack the copy/paste dialog is going under the knife for a remake, according to Microsoft the new dialog will appear in Windows 8 scheduled for release late 2011/early 2012.

The Windows team has implemented the ability to pause a copy and now you don’t get one UI (User Interface) for each copy/paste operation, they are now all in the same window.The Windows team has also given the users more info in the advanced information tab, it now shows the current copy speed in a visual graph with the current speed listed at the end.

Here you can see the new detailed look and also you can see how the pause works. (Photo Microsoft)


On they’re blog the team has even linked to one particular joke about the “time remaining” in the earlyer versions of Windows being way off and explain that there is not a lot to do with the accuracy of the counter due to all the various factors that come into play when making the assessment like background running program, antivirus may interfere with the copy and also if the user start doing other things while the copy operation run they have rather consentrated on giving the user the info they have so they can see how things are coming along.


They have also remade the file name conflict interface, the older ones didn’t give users enough info on which file was which so the new one let’s you choose between keeping both copy’s, overwrite or choose your self, the choose self option gives you a new window showing both copy’s of the file and all info about each copy, it even let’s you click on a link to see each copy. This should make things allot easier.

Here you can select which files to keep. (Photo Microsoft)


Below is a video of Alex Simons explaining the new features

Building Windows 8 video


We here at are really looking forward to this feature built in Windows, but if you can’t wait for Windows 8 do like us, get  Teracopy it’s a nifty little program that makes life with the old copy/paste so much better!


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