Enjoy your favorite online radio on the go!

Have a favorite online radio you’d love to listen to on the go? Then there is numerous apps that let you do this, we have tested a few but when we came across this app we stopped looking cause this app has it all… Really it does, we’re not lying.

Android Online Radio.
That’s the name you need to remember. This app plays almost anything you throw at it, it has full access to the shoutcast directory and even let you add channels that are not in the list and it has a channel request function if for some reason you are unable to add it yourself, it even has a sleep function that allows you to set the app to sleep in x amounts of minutes.

Here’s the apps homescreen

This is how the built in player looks like

The app is developed by leadapps.com you can find it here or search for online radio in the Android Market

We here at nordic-vikings.net use this app on a daily basis to tune in to our nr 1 source for trance and progressive music ah.fm.




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