Dear reader.. Merry Christmas to you!



Thank you for a great year!

We have experienced some good moments and some not so good moments this year. Our worst experience this year was when our site got hacked by a Japanese hacker who used our page to host his own malware site. The site was a replica of a Japanese online fashion store who i guess is doing good online. The hacker used a farm of Virtual Linux servers to route traffic to our IP, making us the big bad wolf. Thanks a bunch for that!

Despite this attack, we made a total do-over on the visuals. We created the whole site up again from scratch, and designed a new logo, and a new website.
This has been a very promising change which have increased traffic, and user experience on our site.

Also this year we made our 1th of April joke on YouTube, and in the Minecraft Community. Check out our Joke video by clicking here..
We are also planning on expanding our name onto YouTube in 2016, and we hope you will be part of that and follow us there.

So, as that have been said..

We here at the Nordic Vikings Crew wish you and your family a Very MERRY Christmas! And a happy new year!
The evening tonight will be spent with our families, where we will feast on the Norwegian traditional food of “Pinne Kjøtt“, and Aquavit.

Have a good celebration, and may 2016 open up new paths for you!

Thank you for sticking with us..

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