CyanogenMod CM10 aka Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for Samsung Galaxy S2

Earlier we mentioned that Clockworks had released a experimental rom for the Galaxy S2 and we have used this ever since. It has been good and have worked great but now the guys at CyanogenMod have released a M version of a CM10 rom this is the stage before a Nightly release. We have installed it and love it to bits. If you have a rooted phone and KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING you can download it from here but if you don’t we recommend you either don’t or start reading at the CyanogenMod site.

The new version has a feature that allows you to Quick reply to new messages or call back the sender from the drop down status bars

Android 4.1 Quick Reply status bar

To reply just hit Quick Reply and this nice little dialog pops up.

Android 4.1 Quick Reply

If someone calls you and you miss the call you get options of what to do right in the status bar like this:

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