Controll four computers with one mouce, the Mouse without borders!

without using a KVM Swich

Yes it is possible,  Tuong Do at Microsoft got tired of having to switch between the many computers on his desk so he started to develop his own software to deal with this issue in Microsoft’s Garage.

His software allows you to control up to 4 computers with one mouse and keyboard over your local network, this nifty little program even lest you share clipboard and drag and drop files across all linked computers, it installs in only a few minutes and the configuration is both quick and simple.

If you like us think it’s a drag to have to logg on to 2-3 different computers in the morning and then have to lock them all at the end of the day? well Tuong was too so he incorporated a feature that let’s you log on and off from all 4 compuer simultaneously, which is great!

the program can be downloaded here and is only 1.1 MB so don’t worry if your internett is slow.


Here’s Tuong explaining how it all works:

Mouse without borders

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