Computer cleaning time

It’s time for a good old clean inside the computer

First lets just get the legal stuff out of our hair:
This article is not a step by step guide and do not take any response for damage done to your system we did this on our computer and it worked for us.
Ok with that said we can start working. First shutdown, unplug your computer and open your case, here’s where the fun part starts.

Go get your hoover a microfiber wash cloth (NOT a wet one) an anti static wrist band and a screwdriver.
If you don’t have a wrist band you can touch the edge of your case to ground yourself.
Stand back and observe for a minute so you remember how it all goes together then start to locate dust and vacuum it out, remember to hold fans while vacuuming them if you let them spin the bearing inside will brake, if the fan blades need cleaning a good old q-tip will do the trick, then wipe off any surfaces you get to with the cloth to get those pesky little dust molecules the hoover misses.

Unplug anny cards with coolers like graphic cards and clean them seperatly if you know what you’r doing and DONT have warranty on the cards you can disassemble the coolers to clean them inside this is usually more effective.

Now for the power supply, there are manny ways of cleaning a power supply the best way is to disassemble it and vacuum clean the whole thing but this is NOT recommended if there is still warranty on it as this would void it. Second way is to get a can of compressed air like this and blow this into the unit while holding the fanblades with a small screwdriver or a match then vacuum the rest from the outside.

Put everything back together, check all connections and then fire it up

Your done! Now your computer’s temperature should be lower than it was before and there is a lower possibility of fire!

® 2011

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