Captains LOG! in NotePad?? huh….

Here’s a trick you probably didn’t  know about Microsoft Windows’ Notepad.. This tutorial will show you how to easily create your own “time ‘n day” logger out of a simple program as Notepad.

Say you wish to start your own personal diary on your computer, but doesn’t want to buy or install a big fancy program, then you may want to continue to read.

The solution:

First, you need to right click and create a “New Text document”

Step 1In this tutorial I will call it “My diary”, but you can name it to what ever you want.

After naming the file, you need to open it.

When it opens you simply type in the letters “.LOG” at the top of the document, and press enter so the type line drops down to the line below.

It is very important that the LOG letters are written in CAP letters (BIG) or else this will not work.

Step 2Now you should save the document, and exit the notepad application.

The next time you open your text document it will log the time and date which you open the document and types in a new message. Then you save and quit. The next time it will automatic go to the next line and enter the new time and date.

As a piece of advise, you should hit enter when you are finished writing your message. This will make it more organised the next time you open the text document.

Have fun..

©2011 Nordic Vikings

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