Backup; does one really need to?

Short answer is Yes! You should have backup of your data in some way. Data loss is a terrible thing and can happen to anyone, it just happened to me and by the looks of it I might have to pay a lab to get my files back.

What happened… well I don’t know exactly what happened but I got an idea of where it all went south. It all began with me getting the genius idea that I wanted to see if it was possible to use my external USB drive as a hard drive for my tv to record on, I plugged it in and started Diskpart and here is where the shit hit the fan. I had been reading around a few forums on a problem with the TV not recognizing the drive and it looked like you gad to remove all Windows partitions on the drive so the TV could make its own and therefore I thought that the “CLEAN” command in diskpart would do the trick.

For those of you not familiar with Diskpart it is the command line equivalent to the disk manager in management tools in Windows control panel.

When using diskpart you fist start of selecting the disk you would like to work on from a numbered list, so to check which one the external disk was I ran the “LIST DISK” command then the “SELECT DISK #” # being the number of the disk I choose. My disk was number 4 on the list and I guess that since I was in kind of a hurry i must have pressed both 3 and 4 key by mistake and the keyboard only registered the 3 key press and I must have missed that it states that Disk 3 has been selected, and without running the “LIST PARTITIONS” command to double check that I in fact was working on the correct disk i executed the “CLEAN” command this wiped my disk of all partitions and data.

This in it self would not be a problem, all I would have to do is run a recovery program and get my files back, problem is that the drive i cleaned was part 2 (and the largest part) of a disk span and cleaning this made the other part of the span panic and fail, I tried to restore it from the disk manager but with no luck, it just pops back to failed. For some reason this resulted in the disk scrambling a separate partition on the disk. This got confusing to explain let me draw it up for you

When Disk 2 was cleaned disk 1 panicked and Spanned partition 1 failed but for some reason Partition 1 on disk 1 also failed and from the looks of it have corrupted any data that was on it. OK so I had a data loss, so what? surely a competent guy like me has backup! well sort of… I had backup but the programs licence expired in last May and I sort of had forgotten to renew it. The classic case of “meeh I’ll do that tomorrow!” or “when my paycheck comes in” so there is ALLOT of family pictures and other files lost. I have tried numerous restore programs such as Recuva, Mini Tool data recovery and others and have gotten some files and photos back but not even half. So what’s the next step? seems to be the best option to get my files back, it’s not even close to cheap but allot cheaper than any local data recovery labs here in Norway and both my disks will most likely be scrap afterwards… so there goes 2,5 TB disk space down the drain.

Lesson learned? oh yea, you bet! I’m currently setting up a backup server with Hardware Raid 1 and 2 x 2TB disk space and a 1 Gbit connection to make the backup of large quantity of data go fast, I have come across a great program called Comodo Backup, it’s free and very versatile and I can almost give it the seal of recommendation before trying it out, but we will be doing an article about this when it has been tested so if you think this is something you might need keep watching our site to try it out before our test download here.


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