Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z Q – code 50

I just upgraded my gaming computer’s motherboard as step one of the bigger plan to do a major upgrade, and I checked I’m front that both my current CPU and memory (Ram) was compatible with the new board but I was faced with the error nr 50 on the onboard error message display which according to the manual is wrong memory type or wrong memory speed and it took me a few days to figure out what was causing it I tried a few different sticks of memory before I noticed that the error presented itself even with no memory in the board, of cause I tried the latest bios and leaving the battery out over night but nothing changed… So I took out the CPU and gave it a go over  and it turned out that it was 2 of the connectors that had been pushed down a bit which had given them a “S”  shape on the middle but the tips were straight so it was really hard to notice and fix for that matter, after bit of fiddley work I got them semi straight and sloted it back in and hey presto it works!

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