Android 4 makes Galaxy S2 way quicker

I’we had my Galaxy S2 for å while now and love it to bits. I was quick to root it and get full access to the system and then I found CyanogenMod that has a custom rom for the phone. This means removing the original Android version and installing a new, and different version..

CyanogenMod CM7
I have been running this mod for about 6 months and it has been stable as a rock, and it makes the phone quicker by removing alot of the junk samsung crams into the phone when it is new, now don’t get me wrong the original OS is nice enough for novice users and installing a custom rom is not for anybody you need to know what you are doing or you might brick you’re phone… Recently CyanogenMod release a new experimental mod called CM9 it contains the new Android 4 and I just had to give it a try even tho video recording don’t work due to the drivers for the camera not being open source and therefore the CyanogenMod crew have not been able to fix that issue and probably will not before Samsung releases an official update to Android 4 for the phone.

Installing it was just as easy as installing any custom rom and it boots up and work without a problem. The new Android is so clever and Google have really listened to what they’re customers want so the experience is way better than previous versions. The phone seems quicker and flows better so if you could do without video recording and know how to install a custom rom then I would really recommend CM9….
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