Android 4.1 on Samsung Galaxy S2

The brilliant minds over at the XDA forum have ported the new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to the Samsung Galaxy S2 through the CyanogenMod CM10

The new Android has not yet been released by Samsung for the phone but knowing first hand how bad the Samsung versions usually are we did not even consider waiting for it…
We had the phone for about one month before we got sick of the original OS and decided to Root the phone to allow full control over it’s content and giving the option to install custom Rom’s such as the CyanogenMod rom, we have had both CM7 and CM9 on the phone and we praise the developers of this great rom. Even Google have implemented some of the extras invented by the CyanogenMod crew into the original release of Android 4.

The new Android is a great OS it builds on the success of it’s predecessor and ads lots of lovely new features that makes using your smart phone or tablet a treat!

Check it out at XDA forum….



As for the Galaxy S3 I think Jan is working on a little something on that subject…


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