AMD HD6990; a beast in more than physical size

AMD’s new flagship has been shown to the press at an Asia Pacific Fusion Tech Day gathering. The HD6990 is said to hit the stores late the first quarter and it is going to hit hard.

The monster is rumored to take the place as the champion of graphic cards, from the pictures we have seen it will at least squash it in sheer size.

Have a look for yourself:

(Pictures by:

(Pictures by:

As you can see it is time to start saving for a new computer case as this will most likely not fit in a regular midi tower without going at it with an angle grinder.

Update: it is 31 cm long
Tho no official specs have been released rumors are as follows:

GPU: 2 x 775 Mhz
Memory: 2x 2 Gb @ 4800 Mhz (GDDR5)
Memory bandwith: 307,2 Gb/s
Idle/Load power usage: 30W/300W
Output ports: 2 x DVI and 3 x mDP
2 x 32 ROP
2 x 1920 Stream Processors

Single precision compute performance is 6.0 TFLOPs while double precision compute performance is 1.5 TFLOPs

We hope to get our fingers on it for testing but we can’t promise anything as of yet, but if the specs above is true then there is no doubt this card is going to be awesome!




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