Altibox Internet supplier is having problems with the DNS

Our ISP is apparently having a DNS server crash, so if you live in Norway and use them this is why Internet is down… Not to worry they are working like mad to fix it it had been down since about 8pm and is still down as of writing this…
One temporary solution to the problem is to set up a alternative DNS server for your computer to use if the DNS supplied by your ISP is down,
To do this go to network connection settings and Press properties on your connection, then under protocols find the IPv4 protocol and hit properties, set up the new DNS as a alternative DNS and hit apply… This should work.. Since you can read this you know it does… This Site is hosted through Altibox so we would have been affected by this had it not been for Jan’s foresight as he added an alternate DNS last year…. Great work lad!
To find a DNS to use we recommend Google it!

Update: as of 1130 pm Altibox/Lyse reports the issue is resolved!

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