We are a few guys based in Norway that share a deep interest in technology and computers. This website is our way of sharing our views and experiences about that with you. You will find mostly hardware and software related news and some recommendations for now, but we are planning on expanding. Later you might find hardware testing and some other handy stuff to know related to software and hardware, and not only computers but gadgets as well..

Our history:

We started in 2006 as a support page for a faction/gang in the MMO game Matrix Online, but when that closed down we had to put this site to new use. First we tried to start a food related forum, but this was not of any success. So we had a brain storm and decided that we wanted to start writing about our hobby, namely technology and computers. That was the beginning of this blog. In 2010 we experienced a major data loss, one we still do not know how happened. The cause of this forced us to rebuild our system and sadly all older posts were lost.


The future:

We hope to expand our reach of knowledge in near future to cover Apple products as well as looking into hardware testing/reviews. We wish to get some new sponsors and a few more people involved in writing, but being a non-profit organization it tends to be very hard for others to get involved.

Nordic Vikings is also the mother of Nordic Softwares and Nordic Designs.