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Altibox, Norway’s best ISP, TV, Energy and Phone provider is ripping of they’re customers

Today (09.06.2011) Altibox AS decided that over a quarter of a million TV viewers no longer should get to see Discovery, TLC and Animal planet without dishing out approximately $56 extra â month and without telling their customers in advance.

The company explains that they could not come to an agreement with Discovery Channel because they felt that Discovery Channel wanted Altibox to pay more than other providers and therefore they take it out on their paying customers, this has proven not such a good idea as the customer’s are now gathering in numbers in this Facebook group protesting the companies actions, several Norwegian newspapers have contacted Altibox and got the standard answer and on the company’s Facebook page here and here the negative feedback is raining down. So what does the company do? They stay completely silence and give their beloved standard answer to all calls and emails.

This will for sure weaken Altibox’s position in the TV provider market in Norway but will it be enough to make them rethink their strategy? Only time will tell.

Altibox is directly translated allinbox in English the Norwegian FB group has renamed them to Littibox or littleinbox in English!



According to Discovery Channel they did not demand more from Altibox than they do with others but they have said that they are more than willing to start new negotiations with Altibox.

Altibox on the other hand keeps up saying that Discovery is to blame for this and that they have done what they could, they admit that they should have been more open about it and let people know in advance but this sounds more like a poor excuse.

As of writing there have been numerous people stating that they have canceled their subscription to Altibox and urge others to do so since Altibox apparently is breaching point 11.2 in the contract which states that Altibox will give costumers a heads up at least 2 months  prior to changing the subscribed channels.

we here at strongly urge Altibox to come to terms with Discovery fast and they lay down all their cards as to what happened and why or they risk loosing allot more customers


If you want to support the protest send emails to (CEO of Altibox) or support the facebook page!

Altibox has pronounced that they have been able to come to twerms with Discovery channel and that the channels will be back in the basic package deal alongside with the BBC channels they put in when they removed Discovery, and that later on Discovery HD and Animal Planet HD also will be in the basic package deal.

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