4chan fools Apple users with waterproof iOS7 update


Last week Apple rolled out its new operating system for Iphone and Ipad. Ios7 was as Apple CEO Tim Cook called it, “the biggest change since the ios Iphone”.

With the upgrade came a massive advertising campaign, in pure Apple style.
But between all the different articles and advertising posters that were written about the innovating operating system, there was one that that made a difference.

A beatutiful graphical poster in pure Apple style is now roaming around the planet saying; “Update to iOS7 NOW and become waterproof”.

Well, lets get all clear here! – an iDevice that updates its firmware to IOS7 is not getting waterproof.
The poster features the same stylish graphic design Apple tend to market themselves with, and are difficult to distinguish from the original poster.

The most hardcore technical Apple fans noticed this right away that this had to be a fake poster, but on social media alot of users has admit to have been fooled by this lovely poster.

– “IOS7 is not waterproof! Now my phone at the bottom of the river”, says an unfortunate iPhone user on Twitter.

– “To whoever said that ios7 was waterproof, FU** you!!!”, says another user on Facebook


4chan is behind

“Your iPhone should after the upgrade instantly detect sudden changes in thermal disturbance by using the screen and “home button” sensors.
In an emergency, a “smart switch” power off the phone and similar components to prevent damage to the phone’s sensitive circuits”, says the the false advertising poster.

The joke is supposed to come from the famous online forum 4chan, who has a habit of fooling people on social media.

View the whole AD here..

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