2011 Look back

The calendar shows 2012, but we can’t help thinking about 2011, which was a great year for Nordic-Vikings, we grew and gained readers so we figured we should cap of the year and go through some of our memories from the year. Here’s a list over what we told you about last year!


Iphone alarm not working 

The start of 2011 was a bit rough on Apple users since they’re alarm on the phones didn’t work, thousands complained about getting late to work because of this, tho the error would fix it self by 03.01.2011 there were no update or patch released to fix this so the users had to rely on the good old alarm clock for a few days.

29 Sandy Bridge lanched at CES

Intel launced 29 processors at the 2011 CES, the new Sandy Bridge line is born!

Linksys E3000 review

We reviewed the Linksys E3000 Wireless router and came to the conclusion that this really is a prime product; versatile, easy to use and stable as a rock! One year later and the conclusion still stands.

We got our new look

The theme we currently use is not how this page looked a little over a year ago but we are very happy with this look.

Qwiki closed beta review

We stumbled upon the search engine Qwiki witch takes answering your questions to a new level. In January it was closed beta testing only so we had to wait until February before we could  Recommend it to our readers.

AMD HD6990 unvailed

At the end of January AMD launched the HD6990 Graphics card, what a monstrosity and it still holds it’s place now a year later, not bad!

Sandy Bridge has major chipset error

Following the release of Sandy Bridge there were reports of USB port issues and even the total failure of USB 3 gbps on motherboards supporting Sandy Bridge and Intel had to cash out big time to fix the problem.

New AMD Overclock World Record

In February a guy that calls him self Mad222 set a world record in AMD overclocking, Clocking the Phenom II 965 BE to 7344.48 Mhz Durring a Gigabyte hosted overclocking event.

IOS 5 gets hacked/jailbroken

One day after the IOS 5 Beta was released and three months before the public release  the operating system was rooted/jailbroken by a group of hackers/crackers.

Altibox rips off customers

In june a Norwegian ISP and TV provider were unable to come to terms with Discovery about prices on the airing rights resulting in a major protest and a lot of customers leaving Altibox.

Norwegan E-Tax law

In July the Norwegian government pass a law that makes people that sell E products such as E-books or downloadable content obligated to charge tax on these services to customers in Norway.

Build your own computer

We taught you how to build your own computer with the specs you need rather than dishing out to have someone build it for you!

Janix Launch Nordic Designs

Jan launched Nordic Designs as a part of his ongoing education.

We started  using Twitter in July to reach more people and spread the word!

We review the Developer preview Windows 8 in September, read more to find out what we thought about it!

Facebook Timelines Sneak preview

In September Facebook Timelines were opened to app developers and we stumbled upon a way for us mere mortals  to activate the feature.

Steve Jobs

October 5, 2011 Steve Jobs founder of Apple dies 56 years old due to pancreatic cancer.

New AMD Overclock world records

In November Andre Yang set a new world record in AMD overclocking he got the bulldozer cpu stable at 8429.38 Mhz and then just a few days later he upped the ante and set it to8549.68 Mhz.

We start using Facebook  to connect with our readers and gain new through spreading the word and Google+ since they opened access for other than private people.

In November we check out Bipper bSafe. It’s a handy little app that help keep you and your loved ones safe!

And we find a workaround to the Ubuntu 11.10 VNC problem

We wish you a happy new year with a personal message from our admins on new years eve!


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