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How to solve 500 Error when clicking on image in WordPress

How to solve the 500 Error problem when clicking an image on your WordPress site.
This is fairly simple..

What happend?

The image issue is a permission issue. The behavior of WordPress is that it writes the original file using the computers “IUSR” user to a temporary system directory that has been defined in the PHP.ini file (Located in the PHP directory. Usually in the “Program Files” folder). This temp folder does not have IIS_IUSRS permissions set on it, so when windows moves this file from the temp folder to the WordPress upload folder, the permissions are not inherited from the file’s parent folder. In other words, it keeps the temporary folders permissions.


So, How to solve this

We have two solutions to fix this problem.

Solution 1:

Change the permissions on the temp folder listed in the PHP.INI file by giving IIS_IUSRS write/modify.
As the PHP.INI file contains A LOT of characters you can easily find the Temp folder by searching for: upload_tmp_dir

Solution 2:

Change the path of the temp folder in the PHP.INI file to a folder that already got the IIS_IUSRS write/modify permission.

I have done this, but it still gives me the 500 error

We had the pleasure of still getting the 500 error after changing the permissions. So what we found out was that some of the files that had already been moved still had the “old” permissions.
So to solve this you right click on the upload folder in WordPress structure, and hit

“Properties” -> “Security” -> “Advanced” -> “Owner” -> “Edit”Click me to enlarge me

Select your own name, and tick the box at the bottom. Then hit “Apply” and “OK”.

How to inherit Child permissions

Now, switch tab to “Permissions” and click “Change Permissions”. Here you just need to tick the “Replace all child object permissions….” and hit “Apply” and “OK”.

And that should solve the problem.

#Free Tip: We had to restart the PHP service for the change to take place. (Or restart the server\computer if you don’t know how to restart a service)

Picture printing is not available without the Desktop Experience Feature on Windows 2008 Server

How to solve the error: “Picture printing is not available without the Desktop Experience Feature” on Windows Server 2008 when trying to open image files, or set default application to “Photo Viewer”.

Photo Gallery Viewer Error

The Cause

The Windows feature required to print from the default image viewer on Windows has been disabled.

How to solve this

To resolve this problem, install the Desktop Experience feature of Windows Server 2008.
To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click Start, click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Server Manager.
  2. In Server Manager, click Add Features under Features Summary.
  3. In the Add Features Wizard dialog box, make sure that the Desktop Experience option is selected.
  4. Click Next, and then click Install.
  5. After the installation process is complete, click Close, and then close Server Manager.

After you install Desktop Experience, you have to restart the computer.


How to change file or folder permission in Ubuntu Linux

Wondering to set permission in Ubuntu Linux using the Terminal?
Here’s how..

The Command

The chmod command sets the permission of a file or folder.
chmod command uses a three digit code as an argument together with the file or folder location.

 sudo chmod 754 /home/nordicvikings/secret_stuff (or your path)

In the example we used the following codes:

  • 7 – Owner(current user)
  • 5 – Group(set by owner)
  • 4 – anyone else


The fundamental concept:

Execute is 1, Write is 2 and Read is 4.

Sum of these basic ones makes combination of permissions:

  • 0 – no permission, this person cannot read, write or execute
  • 1 – execute only
  • 2 – write only
  • 3 – execute and write only (1 + 2)
  • 4 – read only
  • 5 – execute and read only (1 + 4)
  • 6 – write and read only (2 + 4)
  • 7 – execute, write and read (1 + 2 + 4)

But what about sub folders?

All Sub folders can easily be changed using the “-R” command.

Here’s an example:

sudo chmod -R 754 /home/nordicvikings/secret_stuff (or your path)


April Fool Joke 2015

Monster_SpawnerThis time we have decided to fool people in the Minecraft community.

Alot of Minecraftians is wondering if there is a way to pick up the mobspawners that is located in the dungeons.
This is of course not possible (Well not yet), and the video is as fake as it gets.

If we managed to fool you, we are really sorry.. :)

Happy 1st of April people!

The video is located here:

SOE has been set free!



SOE, Sony Online Entertainment or Sony’s Game developer department has been sold and is now Daybreak Game Company, the new owners Columbus Nova has promised that all existing games will be continued and further development will not stop due to this change in ownership. This also means that Daybreak is now free to choose what games they want to develop, and we can only hope that they will either re-release Matrix Online or re-make it, personally I’d prefer it if it was redone with today’s tech given that they stay away from any kind of DLC, that just destroys good games.

FreeNAS, Why you need it!

Black FreeNAS Logo

For those of you that remember I wrote This article last year about setting up a Linux based backup server, I did and it worked for a long time, spot on! but for some reason (probably my fault) I got locked out of the whole box and since my Linux skills are what I call below beginner level I did what I always do when something acts up, Format and re-install, after installing Ubuntu Server i started setting things up and a thought hit me “there has to be an easier way to get what I want without all the headache of setting up everything from scratch” and at this point my RAID (still software based unfortunately) had gone complete apeshit on me (excuse my french) and had to be distroyed and rebuildt, again most likely my fault for not having basic skills in Linux.

I headed over to my friend in need, Google, and after extensive…well after some searching I came to the conclusion that FreeNAS from IX Systems was the best choice for me and my needs. The only problem was that it had a recommended minimum of 8 GB RAM and my trusty old backup machine only has 4 GB but I figured, what the heck I’ll give it a go and if it’s to slow and laggy I’ll find something else.

I am happy to report that running FreeNAS on 4 GB of ram with a 2 TB RAID 10 (2 x 2 TB disks mirrored) is not all that bad, the user interface isn’t super quick and some times takes a few seconds to complete a task but seriously, how often are you planning on messing with the settings in there… When I have to expand my RAID I’ll have to build a new machine with newer hardware and more RAM, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it!

The software can be downloaded Here and Instructions on installing Here

Once up and running I set up the RAID the way I wanted it and with the web based interface of FreeNAS it was up and running in no time, then I set up the different users that i needed and created data sets and shares for the users.

FreeNAS supports Windows, UNIX, MAC and also Webdab shares which is used for on the go sharing with mobile devices such as your phone if you need that. Keep in mind that this requires you to open ports in your router to allow traffic in to your NAS machine.

As I were only using it for backup on my local network and I don’t have any Mac/iOS devices I just set up samba shares which is the protocol that windows machines use to share over network.

And as before I set up SyncToy on my computer to handle backup of the files and folders that i need backup of

I am a rather heavy user of Google products and seeing the photos on my phone automatically be uploaded to Google Photos when I connect to my home network I got to thinking maybe this can be done to my FreeNAS aswell and what do you know Google had the answer to that too, a nifty little app called Sweet Home!

The app is in Beta testing at the moment and is free right now, something I hope it will stay for ever but you never know.

Sweet Home let’s me set up what network is my home network and what IP Address my NAS is at, then it asks for login details for the NAS and where I’s like to store the files, then i can select what folders on my phone to backup and how i want them sorted on my NAS and also if I would like it to backup my files when I connect to my home WI-FI or wait until the phone is in the charger. Brilliant!

FreeNAS is based on FreeBSD so it’s about as stable as a rock and runs quick on low resources! perfect for my needs!

2014 was a slow but good year for us

All the numbers in this report is thanks to you, our readers so therefor we would like to share it with you!

Check out the annual report for the blog Here!


Thanks for reading

Stian & Jan crew

Happy birthday Jan

Today we celebrate the birthday of one of our founders Jan Brekke…

Gmail V5


Google has pre-released a new update for they’re Gmail app for Android that integrates the new G+ look into the app, personally I love it to bits, check it out and decide for your self

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Motorola to release the Moto 360 Today!


Picture: The Gospel herald

Motorola’s new round smart watch the Moto 360 is being released at 11:00 CT today 05.09.2014.

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